Reboot the System that Fuels and Sustains Your Whole Body (Natural Awakenings Magazine)

Is your body telling you it needs help? Do new symptoms creep up on you too fast? Have dietary modifications failed to provide relief?

There is help.

Reneé Barasch, Certified Digestive Health and Detoxification Specialist, has been helping clients achieve nutritional balance and enhance quality of life for more than 14 years. Reneé’s individualized plans help clients re-boot their digestive tracts and increase absorption of needed nutrients—creating the environment for detoxification of all organs and the pathways between them.

Working with Renee, you will:

  • Identify digestive triggers (some may surprise you!).

  • Understand which foods agree with you—and those that don’t.

  • Create a detoxification and digestive plan.

Digestion is one of the main ways the body detoxifies and cleanses.

If the food you consume isn’t thoroughly broken down, your body cannot work as efficiently as it should. Poor digestion causes stress for the entire digestive system and leads to gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea—and even insomnia, psoriasis, eczema, chronic pain, and anxiety. Undigested food can seep into the bloodstream through a condition called “leaky gut syndrome,” which often leads to more serious conditions like Crohn’s Disease, colitis, and other autoimmune disorders.

Environmental irritants also affect digestion.

The environment can also produce irritation and inflammation. Everyday, airborne toxins—perfumes, cleaning products, smoke, automotive exhaust, indoor dust, and springtime pollen—find their way into our bloodstream (in less than 20 seconds!) and cause digestive organs to work overtime. A runny nose, itchy eyes, and red and blotchy skin often result in a trip to the allergist, when a digestive imbalance may be contributing.

Stay strong and healthy with a gut ‘reset’

  • Effectively and efficiently digest food.

  • Reduce inflammation.

  • Nourish your gut—and ensure your whole body is balanced.

  • Regulate the processing and digestion of food and the elimination of waste by incorporating foods that lead to better absorption and detoxification.