More Energy and no more runs to the bathroom

“Renee has been a godsend to me! I have been improving and have more energy and no more runs to the bathroom. I am really grateful to you for your thorough evaluation and for contributing to my well being. Health is just THE most important - without good health you can't enjoy your life.” - Lynda J.


“Answers to my issues instead of head scratching from highfalutin doctors.” - Tom G.

“Reneé found it when no one else could!” - Pattie M.

“Reneé is a delight to work with. She provides specialized expertise not easily available. Her approach to good health, her products and services, deliver on their promises!” - Ken P.


In the hamster wheel of traditional medicine for years

“After being in the hamster wheel of traditional medicine for years, I have proof of how this approach has done tremendous things for me and might help others who have issues that are not being solved in traditional ways. The people who Renee helps are so grateful to have her because of the individualized care she provides. It took me 4 years to find her and get this stuff under control. I am forever grateful.”  - Salena F.


“Finally…I’m off my Crohn’s meds for good!” - Nina P.


The “Colon Queen”

“Reneé Barasch is a knowledgeable and compassionate healer who delivers valuable advice and treatments that work. I recommend her wholeheartedly. She truly is the “Colon Queen.” - J.D.G.


Dr. Yin, GI -“Best colonoscopy I’ve seen on a patient in years.” - Mark E.


“Reneé gave my daughter a much more normal way of life. I will forever be grateful!” - Merle K.

“I never knew I could feel so good.” - Deb H.


Kind, knowledgable and a great resource

“Reneé is wonderful. She has helped me over the years to optimize my health. Between enzyme therapies and detoxing I had great results. She is kind and knowledgeable and a great resource.” - Pam G.


Anyone wanting to feel better

“Reneé has tremendous experience helping those with Digestive System Issues. I have also seen her speak to groups and be exceptional at connecting with the audience. I am a huge fan of her work and recommend her to anyone wanting to feel better.” - Chad C.


“Reneé has been very helpful in guiding my diet in targeted ways that have improved my digestion, reduced toxicity, and even strengthened my breathing. Renee brings caring and knowledge to her practice, and I've always come away with new and helpful insights.” - Mark I.


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